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Hyperboards is a free forum hosting service made with the client in mind. We have been hosting free forums since 2002, and your free forum is only a few clicks away. In less than 60 seconds you can create your free forum which will be hosted on one of our dedicated servers.

Why Create a Forum?

Forums are not just a place for users to chat about topics they love, it is a living, breathing, and constantly evolving community. It is a great place to bring like-minded people together to discuss whatever topics interest them. You can also share pictures, videos, and more!

But Aren't Forums Old Technology?

While it is true that the concept of forums dates back to the 1970s, forums are constantly evolving and improving as time passes. The fact that they have survived for so long is a testament to their adaptability and utility. In fact, many aspects of the forum have been borrowed by many of today's popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Afterall, forums were one of the first social networking mediums on the internet.

How Do I Create My Own Forum?

Creating your own forum is fast and easy! All you need is a working email address and less than 60 seconds. To create your free forum, click on the 'Create your free forum!' button below, fill out the form, and click the 'Create My Forum' button. It's that easy!

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